Knots, Knots and more Knots.

Knots, Knots and more Knots. main image Knots, Knots and more Knots. image
Looking for the best knot for that special fishing occasion? There are so many knots to choose from. Rather than illustrate those knot patterns already done extremely well by others we have partnered with to bring you one of the best ranges of knot tying instructions we could find.

Netknots features over 60 fishing knots.  Click on this link or Netknots icon below for more fishing knots.


Fishing Knot Basics

  1. Select your knot considering the conditions in which you will be using it.  Note that some knots do not provide 100% of the line materials strength when tied, becoming a weak point in your rig.  Testing your finished knot with a Spring Scale, or similar, will assist in determining the right types of knot for your needs.
  2. Tie your selected knot carefully
  3. Lubricating the knot with water or saliva before drawing it tight.  The reason for doing this is mono and flouro lines will generate heat from the friction generated when you pull the line tight, weakening the line.  Lubricating the knot will reduce the amount of heat generated.
  4. Draw knots as tight as possible.
  5. Trim tags close to the knot, taking care that the knot is tight, or the tag will slip through and the knot will part. (Maybe not right away, but probably when a fish has taken it or after a few casts, costing you the bait, lure or fish when it does!)