Fishing Pics

Our motto is 'Happiness is a Fishing Habit'. So, Blue Seas Tackle Co goes to great lengths developing products that are appropriate to Australian fishing conditions and that provide a great fishing experience.

Our Research and Development program aims to thoroughly test both our product designs, and those of our business partners, to identify innovative terminal tackle that performs well across all conditions while giving great value for money.  While we are doing this we get some great pics featuring products being tested, a few of which can be found here.

Look further, and you may find some other interesting pics that just happened on the day.

Madbass lures have established themselves as great performing lures. See some of the fish we caught while product testing.

The Finesse Toppu Mizzu lures are just as their name suggests - Top Water lures. Designed for all conditions, see some of our results testing these lures. Also pictured are some modifications made to the standard lure setups we provide.

Swimerz VTail (Vibro Tail) soft plastic lures simply catch fish. Featuring two sizes (100 mm and 75 mm), both with an oversized curly tail, see some of the results achieved from around Australia, in the fresh and salt.

Just a few images we've collected while wandering around the countryside testing our products. Great views and some of the locals out fishing.

With their Natural looking skins these hard body lures from Finesse do a great job of emulating the profile of an agitated bait fish. Featured here are the Pilly, Minnow, Slimy Mack, and Rainbow, with a Stripey coming soon! Available in three sizes.

Blue Seas Tackle thoroughly test all our lure designs through our research program. Fishers from around the country are sponsored in their fishing habit. They get to play with lures we are testing for inclusion in our BSTC and Finesse ranges.

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