Blue Seas and BSTC

Blue Seas and BSTC are Blue Seas Tackle’s own brands of value priced sharp end fishing tackle. Ranging from lures to complete tackle kits tuned to various fishing conditions and species, these products all offer great quality and performance.

We source these products from recognised manufacturers, drawing from existing designs and extensively testing them for their fish catching capabilities, ensuring their durability and design characteristics provide value for money.  In response to our test results these products may be modified to suit Australian fishing conditions when necessary.  We then offer these great products under own home brand 'BSTC' at significant savings.  When purchasing Blue Seas products you can be sure they have proven themselves across a range of fish species.

Blue Seas Tackle Packs combine the results of our product research into ‘complete’ offers suited to various fishing conditions.  Each selected group of items in our Tackle Packs fits together and will perform well for their specified range of conditions.  All tackle packs provide a coordinated and balanced ‘stand-alone’ capability.  If you left your tackle box at home our tackle packs would be all you need for a great fishing experience – just add a rod and reel!

So whether you are an obsessed lure fisher or just want to try something new, try some of Blue Seas great fishing solutions the next time you go out.