Swimerz provides an outstanding range of soft plastic lures, sinkers, hooks and accessories all under one brand. While Swimerz soft plastics are extremely capable by themselves, combine them with Swimerz terminal tackle for all your weed & snag fishing.

The action of the Swimerz Vibro Tail soft plastics are a revolution to soft plastics design with the enlarged curly tail providing increased levels of cavitation and vibration in the water, encouraging any target species it passes to consider it as an injured baitfish and a dinner target.  Combine these lures with any suitable terminal tackle and watch the action.  Swimerz provides these extremely capable soft plastic lures in a range of proven fish attracting colours suitable for any conditions and a complete offer of associated terminal tackle.

We make it easy. When fishing in weeded areas, (and lets face it, edge fishing in any estuary has weeds) or bottom dropping offshore, Swimerz can offer a matched range of hooks, beads and lead or tungsten sinkers that perform extremely well when fishing timber snags, weed or rocky areas; those zones where standard jig head rigs regularly get caught up.  See Blue Seas Tackle's Tips and Techniques zone on the many ways to rig Swimerz terminal tackle.