Finesse 'Naturals' Diving Minnows

Available in 60mm, 100mm, 160mm sizes and 5 great lookalike skin designs.


With their baitfish look-alike paint jobs the Naturals hard body lures from Finesse do a great job of emulating the profile of an agitated baitfish. Featuring 'Minnow', 'Pilly', 'Stripey', 'Slimy Mack' and 'Rainbow', this family of lures have a tight wobble and great noise characteristics gained from the use of tungsten ball bearings for the internal rattle.  These lures will readily dive, presenting an appetising profile to any hungry fish.  The various sizes available can address a range of species from Bass, Flathead, Tailor, Trevally, to Barra and Mulloway.







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