BSTC Head Socks

BSTC Head Socks suit Fishing, Hunting and many Work requirements with their solid, camo and Hi Vis colours. The soft microfiber material used in their construction is comfortable and long wearing. Keep the Sun and Dust off, and the hat on, all day.

Head Socks come in a great range of colours including Solids, Low Viz Camo's, and Hi Viz that will keep you covered whether Hunting, Boating, Fishing or getting visible at Work.

No matter how you wear them, Blue Seas Head Sock's great moisture wicking characteristics will help to keep you cool. Head Socks also give great protection from the sun, wind, dust, and to a limited extent, the cold. Never have a hat blow away, to be lost at sea, again. If spreading sun screen solutions on your face gives your eyes hell, try these Head Socks as an alternative.

Blue Seas ‘one size fits all’ seamless Head Socks are made from a 100% polyester microfiber material that is light and has a comfortable stretch, yet still sits firmly whether they are used as a face cover, head wear or a neck warmer (see image below for other ways to wear Head Socks).

Once you try these you’ll be hooked.