Swimerz Offset Shank Jig Hooks

Great for a variety of rigging and finesse fishing applications using soft plastics, or for making your own jig heads. Available sizes – 2, 1/0, 3/0


The shape of the hook and its length influence how well the point penetrates into the fish.  The O’Shaunessy type hook is probably the most popular hook with its simple design.  It’s simple to bait and more important it works.

Offset Jig Hooks are typically used with a bullet, or other type, of sinker sitting in front of the hook, as in a weedless rig, with the hook hidden or exposed in the selected soft plastic lure.

They are also used as the base hook for commercial or home made, self poured, lead jig heads.

Swimerz Jig Hooks are a heavy wire, 90 degree jig hook, with a traditional O'Shaunessy bend and a vertical eye.  With an offset shank, forged from high grade tempered carbon steel, and nickel finish, these hooks have a balance between strength and flexibility.