Finesse Blades & Vibes

Finesse Blades are metal-bodied lures with two nickel coated trebles, and in some models, an added 'reflective' feather on the tail treble to attract wary fish. Sold in a twin pack and rigged with super sharp trebles, these lures are ready for action!


Finesse Blades and metal Vibes, are suited to the ultra-light to medium range of sport fishing opportunities. With their tight vibrating action and slender bodies, they are ideal for targeting both fresh and saltwater fish species in deeper water where a vertical presentation is needed. Casting with Blades is also easy as the light body allows for control in high-snag areas.

The spine of the lure features multi positional tow points to which you attach your line or clip. By altering the tow-point, you are able to change the swimming action of the lure to produce different actions, vibrations and sounds when varying retrieve speeds. The rule of thumb here is the further back you attach your line, the deeper the running depth.