Swimerz Jig Spinners

Jig spinners have been around for nearly 50 years and are considered by many anglers to be more productive on a host of freshwater species, including trout & bass in the fresh, and and in the salt for targeting bream and other aggressively minded species.


Aussie anglers use when targeting active fish around weedbeds, especially if the weed is patchy.

The big difference between the spinnerbait and the jig spinner with a ‘ball head’ jig-head combo is pretty easy to see - the spinnerbait can be described as a ‘rigid arm’ whilst the jig spinner can be termed as either ‘articulated’ or ‘hinged’.

Jig Spinners can work out to be a very cheap option.  Simply mix and match them with your existing jigheads and soft plastic lures, to assemble the ultimate set-up for your fishing needs, and enjoy the added advantage that the snap clip on the bent wire frame of a jig spinner allows quick and easy interchanging between different weights of jig heads without retying. Jig spinners are most commonly used with ball head jig hooks, but they can also be us

SOFT PLASTICS - Use any type of T-tail or curl-tail soft plastic.

HARD BODY LURES - One radical approach with Swimerz Jig Spinner arms is to attach them to hard bodied lures such as diving minnows and metal vibes as an added attraction.