Vike Tungsten Barrel Sinker

Barrel sinkers resemble a rounded barrel shape and often are bead-like with a narrow hole through which fishing line is threaded. Available sizes – 1/8, 3/16, ¼, 3/8, ½, ¾, 1 oz.

Tungsten’s heavy alloys concentrate the maximum weight into the smallest possible space; as a result a tungsten weight forces a lure or bait to increase its sink rate, reaching the desired depth more quickly than similarly shaped Lead weights will.  Tungsten alloy weights also create twice the sound of lead weights, assisting in attracting the attention of fish.  These sinkers are desirable on rock or debris covered substrates as they are also significantly harder than lead and will maintain their shape, also being much smoother in their finish than lead sinkers.

Tungsten is a good alternative to lead sinkers as it’s a non-toxic metal that is less harmful to fish, wildlife, lake and river ecosystems.  Lead is known to cause lead poisoning and enters the environment as a result of the inevitable occasional loss of fishing sinkers during routine fishing.  Tungsten alloy weights are also harder than steel and extremely dense with tungsten on average 30% smaller than its lead counterpart.  At just under twice the density of lead, instead of a huge chunk of lead being presented along with your bait, the tungsten counterpart is smaller, sleeker and heavier.  They are heavy and dense enough to resist sudden wind blows and will maintain their shape for longer.