Swimerz Tungsten Bullet Sinkers

Swimerz Bullet Sinkers Worm sinkers, provide anglers with a low profile tungsten streamlined shape, smooth sides and are anti-snag by design, enabling subtle presentations. They are ideal for working weedy cover easily in Weedless, Texas or Carolina Rigs.

Bullet Sinkers, also known as Worm sinkers, provide anglers with a streamlined shape and smooth sides. Anti-snag by design, these sinkers, used in weedless soft plastic lure rigs, enable subtle presentations and are ideal for working weedy cover easily. Snagging is largely a thing of the past as the bullet sinker allows the following hook setup to slip easily through weedy areas.

Simply rig a soft plastic lure on a standard running style rig, casting the lure across tide and letting the lure tumble back down-tide before slowly retrieving it.  This presentation holds the selected bait in a natural state, hiding the hook from sight, while keeping the hook in the perfect position for a solid hook set. This method can be highly effective when fishing a berley trail and can out-fish bait.

Tungsten is a good alternative to lead fishing sinkers as it’s a non-toxic metal that is less harmful to fish, wildlife, lake and river ecosystems.  In addition to environmental considerations there are numerous advantages to tungsten -

  • Because tungsten is a very hard material, it is extremely sensitive and can actually help you "feel" what the bottom is made of and what your bait is bumping into, such as rocks, brush, mud, etc
  • Hang-ups will occur far less with a bullet sinker than with a standard jig head
  • Tungsten alloy worm weights create twice the sound of lead weights, assisting in attracting the attention of fish.
  • The hole in the sinkers is a diamond-bored hole for extreme smoothness, reducing wear on the leader being used.
  • A dull nickel finish helps avoid “sinker bites” when the fish bites your sinker instead of your bait.

Upgrading from Lead to Tungsten will mean a new game and you will struggle going back to your old ways.