Swimerz T Tail Grub 50mm

Swimerz TTail soft plastic lures are available in 50mm size, and in 7 different colors—Oil Blue Glitter; Green Glitter; Pearl White, Red Glitter, Gold Glitter, Pink, and Gold Glitter. A favorite of Trout and Bream fishers alike.

Tournament quality soft plastic fishing lures, designed to suit Australian fishing conditions.  Ideal for most trolling, casting and jigging applications in both salt and fresh water.  Especially effective when jigged fairly energetically so as to impart a wild, erratic action, then allowed to flutter back towards the bottom like an injured fish.  Made from durable yet highly flexible materials these lures will take hammering from everything; from Bass and Perch varieties in the fresh, to Bream and Whiting  etc.

The Swimerz ‘T’ or paddle tail grubs weigh in at 0.7gm and have a body that tapers to a thin section before the T - shaped tail, which catches water and wiggles from side to side.  The ribbing on the body of these lures also contributes to the high level of vibration in the water, attracting target fish varieties towards the ‘injured bait fish’. Scents can also be applied effectively, being held between the ribs for longer than on smooth sided lures.