Swimerz Vibro Tailz 100mm

Available in 6 different colours - Mullet, Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, Bubblegum, Red Glitter, and Green Glitter the Swimerz Vibro Tailz are awesome for any species that accepts soft plastic lures due to their improved profile in the water.


An innovative design, Swimerz VTailz are a fluttertail or ribbontail type lure with fish catching characteristics that can be more effective than traditional shapes.  Their extended curly tail provides an improved level of cavitation in the water, resulting in an action similar to that of an escaping and injured bait fish, prompting the target species into a reaction.  They can be rigged on standard and weedless jig heads, as weedless rigs using worm sinkers, or on dropper rigs, for example.  Swimerz Vibro Tailz also comes with a shallow split belly to enable better hook placement in the lure.

We’ve tested these lures and they have proved themselves to be very capable in hard fishery conditions.  Depending on water colour, target species and fisher preferences for lure colour, these lures are awesome for Trout, Yellowbelly (Golden Perch), Cod, Flathead, Jew and Snapper; any species that readily take plastics - And some that don't!  Check out some of our Fishy Pics for these great soft plastics.

Also available in 75mm.


Image; Dusky Flathead