Swimerz Split Rings

Intended for fishing applications, Swimerz Split Rings are made from a double ring of durable 0.7mm Stainless Steel. Available in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm sizes, quality tempering ensures that these split rings resist stretching when chasing hard running fish.

There will still be times however, when that monster that is way over the load rating of the lure hits, and a repair to your favourite lure is necessary. These split rings are ideal for re-rigging both fresh and saltwater fishing lures or for alternative rigging, such as adding a split ring to the front of fishing lure for added lure action.  Another method is to tie a swivel to the leader and then connect it to the lure with a split ring.  If you have split ring pliers using this setup only adds a small amount of time to the task but it results in a significantly more reliable rig. Check the test weights for the size that best matches your lure.