Finesse is Blue Seas Tackle's own brand of quality hard body lures. Available are a range of types, sizes and colours to suit most light tackle lure fishing and a range of assemble yourself clear body lure kits inclusive of trebles, eyes and split rings

The 'Finesse' range of Hard Body Lures have been selected to perform well under all water conditions and provide great value for money.  All models in the range feature high quality, corrosion resistant ball bearing rattles and colour finishes that will attract the attention of any hungry predator.  The Finesse range of diving Crankbaits and Minnows are complemented by the Toppu Mizzu topwater selection that includes great performing lure designs like Wakebaits, Bent Minnows and Critters.  If you like the action of these lures but have different colour preferences Finesse lures also come in a kit form.  All kits come with lure blanks, matching Swimerz trebles and split rings for you to assemble and use either as very effective clear body lures or to paint.