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Vike T Stops are a long, thin, tapered piece of rubber with a flat nail head at the end. Available in 2 sizes T Stops can be used to fix a float or sinker at a selected position along the line, moving it as necessary.

The rubber T-Stop pegging system is probably the best way to peg your selected weight, or float, when you don't want it to slide on the line.  Made of rubber for durability, the T-Stop wedge can be used to secure Worm, Bullet or any type of sinker at the front of your weedless rigged soft plastic, above your bait hook or further up your line.

The idea is to push the narrow end into the base of your bullet weight until it sticks out the pointed end and pull it the rest of the way through.  Now just stretch the rubber and clip it off at the top of the weight and it will stay securely wherever you want it.  The soft peg of the T-Stop wedges inside a sinker to pin it at the selected position along the fishing line or leader, allowing the bait or lure to have a natural presentation at the selected depth.  The soft rubber peg will not damage the line, like a toothpick can, and the weight can be moved up and down the line easily.

Available sizes—Small: Will peg up to a .062 hole. Large: Will peg up to a .092 hole .

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    Vike T Stop in-line sinker & float stoppers
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