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Blue Seas Tackle regularly engages with enthusiastic sports fishers who would like to participate in our product development projects.

Up to the challenge of utilizing a few new techniques and products?  You can be located anywhere in Australia and can be an individual or team of 2 people fishing together. We would like to engage with participants from a range of conditions - Inland Fresh, Rivers and Coastal, and Close Inshore - who would like to try out tackle, lure designs, and techniques they are familiar with, and some they may not be, but all of which are designed to catch fish.  The contributions from your local environment will subsequently be used in the ongoing design and development of these and other products.

Complete the Application Form and then send four of your best fishing pics for consideration to the nominated email address.

Sponsorships will typically be for three monthly periods and may be extended or renewed by agreement.  Eligibility criteria applies.  We will only be in contact with those applicants we shortlist.  Applications may also be considered on an ongoing basis from previously submitted material.




About the Sponsorships;

We are a supplier of lures and related terminal tackle and this is where the sponsorships will be focused.

We will supply you with the tackle we are undertaking design research on, tackle that we have designed and new design technologies from business partners not yet available in Australia, that we would like the participant to test and comment on.

Prior to commencement of the Sponsorship you will receive a research package of products from us, and guidance on how to best use it, if necessary.  At the end of each month we will review your report and provide additional research products for evaluation, and an additional pack of tackle you can select yourself from our webstore.

Catching the fish is up to you.

Each month, send us your report indicating the results you experienced when using the tackle provided and some high quality images of the fish you have caught.



To be eligible to apply;

Prior to proceeding to the Application Form, have available for submission the following -

1) a 200 word story that provides us with information on your intended fishing locations and target species,

  • Conditions you typically fish during Autumn/Winter periods - Inland, Trout Waters, Coastal Flowing River and Coastline, Offshore, and target species.

2) a 200 word story about the types and design characteristics of the terminal tackle you would normally use -

  • Your favourite design of soft plastic rig (not brand),
  • Your favourite design of hard body lure including size/hook setup information (not brand),

NOTE:  Applications will only be accepted from persons over the age of 18 years.


What you need to do;

We highly recommend you 'like' our Facebook page. This will really assist with our evaluation of applicants.

Answer the questionaire below, providing your details, contact information etc, and complete each of the questions within the word limits.  We would also like you to submit no less than 4 of your best fishing pics, as an attachment or in a zip file, to  Images must be .jpeg, 3500 x 2000 pixels in size.  You will also be able to provide links to any youtube submissions or image URL's you would like to reference in your application.


Fill out my online form.
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What happens next?

We will be in contact with shortlisted teams only with information on sponshorship inclusions, objectives, and deliverables.

For further information you can refer to the Draft Offer that will be posted shortly This is a draft offer only, and is intended to provide guidance of the potential inclusions in any sponsorship arrangement.

Closing Date

Applications will be accepted up to - 'Currently the program is not open for submissions'.

Further Information

Information on sponsorships from the Australian Institute of Sport is also provided here.

Your status in entering into an agreement is amateur for taxation purposes as the activities you will be undertaking are considered part of your recreational pursuit or hobby. A private recreational pursuit or hobby is not an ‘enterprise’ for GST purposes, by virtue of section 9-20(2)(b) of the GST Act.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions please send these to us, using the 'Comments' form below -



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