Multi Jointed Minnow, Hard Body Lure

BSTC MK50 Swimbait

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There is one presentation for hard body, jointed, swimbaits - slow and steady.  You want the swimbait to thump tantalizingly just over the heads of target fish giving them plenty of time to lock on to the target. A big swimbait can be thrown for a long distance and cover more area in one cast. Cast parallel to banks and cover, drawing the lure across the face of structure where freshwater fish, like Murray Cod, are holding. Casting and retrieving across across saltwater flats where Flathead may be sitting, waiting for dinner to pass by, is another technique that can be used.

BSTC Swimbaits have a dimpled texture pattern that mimics fish scales, each bait coming with oversized, baitfish-like, eyes and enough flash to attract a predators attention.

Weight 10.5gm

Length of 95mm

Nickel coated Size 4 Trebles

Shallow Medium diving lure, with positive flotation.