Artizan Assist Hook Sleeves, Shrink Tube, Black

Artizan Assist Hook Sleeves, Shrink Tube, Black

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Build your own assist hooks or other rigs and protect your knots against wear by using a length of Artizan heat shrink tube.

Each pack includes 3 tube sizes – 4mm, 6mm and 8mm, in lengths of 1 mtr each.

Artizan Rigging Tube can easily be cut to any required length with a pair of scissors and shrunk with any appliance etc capable of producing a heat range of 70°C to 110°C. All sizes have a shrink ratio of 2:1, and an operating temperature range of 55°C to +125°C. Made from Polyolefin, they are manufactured to ISO9001, and have a tensile strength of 10.4 Mpa.

For more information on rigging with Artizan Hook Sleeves, see our Rigging Tips and Techniques section where you can see how to build your own Assist Hooks.