Captain Jack's Berley Bomb Kit
Captain Jack's Berley Bomb Kit

Captain Jack's Berley Bomb Kit

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Captain Jack’s Berley Bombs are designed for use in fresh and shallow coastal salt waters. They are an inline berley bomb that can be rigged with a Sabiki type bait jig, when bait fishing, or vertical jigging with metal or soft plastic lures, to attract target species to the hook.

Unlike other berleys that are based on stock feed layer pellets, Captain Jack’s Berley pellets are a 1-2mm diameter, sinking, high protein, low fat pellet formulated specifically for fish. Made in Australia, they contain a concentrated mix of (Pilchard& Mackerel) Fish and Krill protein meals and replicate, as closely as possible, the kinds of things fish would eat in their natural environment and does not contain any indigestible proteins, Krill also works as a natural colour enhancer and attractant.

When released from the bait bomb, these pellets will tend to sink around the area of the bait, remaining on the bottom where the fish are (subject to current flows etc).

Each pack contains a 40 gram pack of berley pellets and 2 berley cages.