Hook, Line & Sinker Fisherman's Gift Pack
Hook, Line & Sinker Fisherman's Gift Pack

Hook, Line & Sinker Fisherman's Gift Pack

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This selection provides a variety of lure designs and sizes. Included are over 70 hard body surface, suspending and diving lures, scented Soft Plastic Vibration Lures and Curly Tail soft plastics, with matched jig heads and weedless fishing rigging options. The inclusions will provide a range of capabilities and actions designed to entice those species that will readily strike a lure, whether using cast & retrieve, jigging or trolling techniques. There is a lure in this collection that will suit a range of species, whether in the fresh or salt.

And keep the sun off with one of BSTC’s Head Socks; a microfiber polyester material that’s light to wear and has great moisture wicking properties to keep you cool and the wind and sun off.

Contains 78 items, gift wrapped, with a ribbon, and including –

  • BSTC Head Sock
  • Rig Ezy Line Keeper Board
  • Swimerz 75mm Vibro Tail soft plastic lure, 8 pack
  • Swimerz 95mm Soft Vibe soft plastic lure, 2 pack
  • Vike Assorted Jig Heads, Tungsten, 6 pack
  • BSTC Assorted Beads, 12 pack
  • Swimerz 1/0 Wide Gape Worm Hook, 15 pack
  • Swimerz 1/16oz Bullet Sinker, Lead, 30 Pack
  • Finesse ‘Madbass’ Crankbait, 85mm
  • BSTC MK22 ‘Popper’ Surface Lure
  • BSTC MK61/65 ‘Crankbait’ 65mm
Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels.  Accessories featured in images are not included.