Swimerz Tail Rattler, 5 pack
Swimerz Tail Rattler, 5 pack

Swimerz Tail Rattler, 5 pack

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Whether it’s chasing Yellowbelly or Mulloway, different lure types will work at different times and it all has to do with acoustics. As fish get zoned into the different intensities of vibrations that are deriving from their environment, different vibrations will attract fish from great distances. We rely on the attached lure to provide sufficient enticement for the target species, whether from hunger, aggression, or curiosity, to hit this artificial bait. Hard body lures in particular are perfect if fish are in an active mood as their internal rattles and body design will provide vibration in the water.

Most soft plastics however, only have their action in the water to provide these vibrations.

Adding a rattle to a soft plastic rig, whether using a standard jig head, or Weedless (Texas) rig, adds an additional layer of noise to the activity of your lure fishing, and is particularly useful when fish are not actively biting on quieter rigs.

Tail Spinners can be fitted to the base of the hooks bend, or if fishing with wide gape and some other hook types, at the neck, or where appropriate to skirted lure designs.

140mm total length*

Each Rattle measures approx. 30mm.

Collar and Arm length is 60mm

The remaining length is gained from the split rings.