The All Rounder Lure Fisherman's Gift Pack
The All Rounder Lure Fisherman's Gift Pack

The All Rounder Lure Fisherman's Gift Pack

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The All Rounder, as the name suggests, provides a range of lure fishing tackle that includes popular sizes of diving, surface and suspending hard body lures, and swimbaits. These are complemented with soft plastic and metal Vibration lures, bladed jig heads with matching soft plastics, and a skirted Chatterbait lure for those snaggy areas where many species hang out.

All together there are 25 pieces of lure fishing tackle that suit fishing in coastal saltwater and inland freshwater fishing situations, as well as a pack of Captain Jack’s fish attractant that can be applied to all these lures to increase any fisher’s chances of hooking up.

This gift pack is delivered in a black gloss box with ribbon.

Included in this set –

  • BSTC ‘Bomber’ 85mm Diving Minnow
  • Finesse Madbass 85mm Med/Deep Diving Crankbait
  • BSTC MK23 120mm Deep Deep Diving Minnow
  • BSTC MK21 125mm Minnow Shallow Diving
  • Finesse Toppu Mizzu Wakebait 40mm Subsurface
  • BSTC MK13 35mm Grasshopper Surface Lure
  • BSTC MK50 Swimbait 110mm Jointed Minnow
  • BSTC MK54 Big Vibe 75mm Lipless Crankbait
  • BSTC MK38 65mm Popper Surface Lure
  • BSTC MK65 65mm Suspending Shallow Diving Lure
  • Swimerz 95mm Soft Vibe pre-rigged soft plastic Vibration Lure, 2 pack
  • Swimerz 100mm Paddle Tail soft plastic lure, 6 pack
  • Finesse 55mm Feather Blade, Metal Vibration lure, 2 pack
  • Finesse Dekoi Blade Jig Head, Wide Gape, Size Medium, 3 pack
  • Dekoi 7gm Bladed Swim Jig, Chatterbait lure
  • Captain Jack's Gel Scent - Garlic

This gift pack comes gift wrapped with a ribbon.

Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels.