The Fisherman's Toolkit
The Fisherman's Toolkit

The Fisherman's Toolkit

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The Fisherman’s Toolkit doesn’t just provide a soft plastic and hard body lure fishing capability, but also caters to the bait fisher, with a selection of hooks and sinkers that can be used for this purpose as well as weedless lure fishing.

The sinking Vibe and floating/diving hard body lures will get in front of those species that hold to the bottom or around snags, and the Squid Jig, for when Calamari is the target for the day’s menu. A set of scissors with hook remover, and a fish holding bag means your favourite fishers catch can be handled safely and kept in the water until released or taken home.

There are 67 items in this selection, gift wrapped with a ribbon, and includes –

  • Rig Ezy 1mtr Fish Holding Bag, Light Duty
  • Rig Ezy Scissors & Hook Removal Set
  • Finesse ‘Rumoika’ Squid Jig, Size 3.5
  • Swimerz 3/0 Long Shank Worm Hook, 25 pack
  • Swimerz 3/0 Inline Circle Hook, Black Nickel, 15 pack
  • Swimerz 3/8oz Egg Sinker, Lead, 10 Pack
  • Swimerz Soft Shad 100mm Paddle Tail lure, 6 pack
  • Vike Assorted Jig Heads, Tungsten, 6 pack
  • BSTC MK42 'Stumpy' Flatfish
  • BSTC MK54 ‘Big Vibe’ lipless crankbait
Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels.  Accessories featured in images are not included.