The Freshwater Black Box Gift Pack
The Freshwater Black Box Gift Pack
The Freshwater Black Box Gift Pack

The Freshwater Black Box Gift Pack

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Designed for the inland Fresh & Coastal Saltwater Fisho. The Freshwater is designed for the fisherman who spends a lot of time on fresh water, but who also gets down river to the salt. This gift pack includes over 90 lures and tackle items & will perform well across a range of species. Gift wrapped & delivered.

Included in the selection are popular freshwater lures, inclusive of Artizan Spinnerbaits with their lower profile tungsten jig heads and quality US made parts, that are popular with Cod Fisho’s. Both the BSTC standard and weedless jig heads, and the Cheburashka ‘Swinging Jig heads’, can be used with the Jig spinners and Swimerz VTail soft plastics provided to give that extra advantage when targeting Trout and Bass (or Bream!). The various hard body lures, including top water Wakebaits and Poppers, Vibes, and Diving Lures, will just simply ‘up the game’ when chasing everything from Yellowbelly to Flathead.

Included in this Gift Pack is a selection of over 90 items, packed in a black gift box–

 Topwater/Surface Lures-

Toppu Mizzu  ‘Wakebait’ Purple Flash (Qty 1)

Toppu Mizzu  ‘Popper’ Black & Gold (Qty 1)


Finesse ‘Excaliber’ Lipless Crankbait Opaque Red (Qty 1)

Diving Hard Body Lures-

Finesse ‘Madbass’ Baitfish, (Qty 1)

BSTC MK61/65 ‘Aqua Flash’ 65mm, (Qty 1)

Finesse ‘Flash Minnow’ Silver Chrome (Qty 1)

Soft Plastic Lures-

Swimerz 75mm Vibro Tail Calamari scented, (Qty 8)

Spinnerbaits and Jig Spinners-

Artizan ‘Double Trouble’ Spinnerbait, Green Pumpkin, Nickel Blade (Qty 1)

Swimerz Jig Spinner Sm Hammered Nickel (Qty 6)

Jig Heads

BSTC Assorted Jig Heads, Tungsten (6 pack)

Swimerz 2gm Cheburashka Clip-On Jig Head, Tungsten (Qty 7)

Hooks, Sinkers and Rigging Bits-

Swimerz 6mm Lumo Beads Orange Flouro (12 pack)

Swimerz 1/16oz Bullet Sinker, Lead (Qty 12)

Swimerz 1/4oz Egg Sinker, Lead (Qty 15)

Swimerz 2/0 Inline Circle Hook, Black Nickel, (Qty 6)

Swimerz 1/0 Wide Gape Worm Hook, Black Nickel, (Qty 6)

Swimerz 2/0 Long Shank Worm Hook, O'Shaunessy Style, Black Nickel, (Qty 10)


Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels.  Accessories featured in images are not included.