The Tinnie Fisher's Gift Box
The Tinnie Fisher's Gift Box
The Tinnie Fisher's Gift Box

The Tinnie Fisher's Gift Box

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Go fishing with this selection of bait and lure fishing tackle, suited to light line fishers in the fresh, or salt water, from the bank or a tinnie. This pack gives the options of sitting back and bait fishing, or, if a bit more activity is needed, some cast and retrieve lure fishing. Make the most of the fishing conditions on the day with this selection of bait fishing terminal tackle, and target a range of species from Bass and Perch, to Flathead, Bream and a range of other bread and butter species.

Included are, Skirted jigging lures, metal Vibes, and hard body diving lures, and keep the sun off with a BSTC Head Sock. Packed in a black matt, industrial style, gift box with a ribbon. The 89 items in this matched set are -

  • Vike Skirted Jig Head, Qty 1
  • Dekoi Lure Skirts, Qty 5
  • BSTC MK09 Bomber Minnow, Qty 1
  • Finesse Madbass Diving Crankbait 85mm, Qty 1
  • Finesse Metal Blade, 55mm, Qty 2
  • Swimerz 1/2oz Egg Sinker, Lead, 8 Pack
  • Swimerz 1/4oz Egg Sinker, Lead, 15 Pack
  • Swimerz 3/0 Inline Circle Hook, Qty 15
  • Swimerz 4/0 Offset Circle Hook, Qty 25
  • Swimerz Size 8 Rolling Swivels, 20 pack
  • BSTC Head Socks, Qty 1
  • Rig Ezy Line Keeper Board, Qty 1


Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels.  Accessories featured in images are not included.