Toppu Mizzu 3 pack Wakebait
Toppu Mizzu 3 pack Wakebait

Toppu Mizzu 3 pack Wakebait

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Wakebaits are a surface lure that emulate a potential feed swimming on the surface. Cast and retrieve like a Popper, or troll them slowly to around 1/2 mtr depth. Great Fun!

The Toppu Mizzu 'Wakebait's' have a body length of 55mm, weigh 4.5 grams, and come equipped with size 10 trebles. The  internal ball bearing rattle provides the rolling action that contributes to a nice tight wobble, improved sound levels to that of softer materials, and contributing to improved distance casting.

Toppu Mizzu Wakebaits swim on or just under the surface, depending on the retrieval method, while producing lots of action, teasing fish with a semi-roll that shows its flash and a side-to-side wobble that produces intense strikes. These lures catch fish that prefer the lure running high in the water column or are holding tightly to structure. A wake bait is perfect for staying in the strike zone longer to invoke a reaction from fish that won’t commit to a topwater lure.  Whether you’re fishing still or moving water, or just need a bait that will run over the top of aquatic vegetation, a wake bait is the answer.

When fishing a wakebait it’s important to have patience throughout the retrieve. After casting, let your bait sit for a few moments on the surface while the ripples subside. After waiting, give the bait a slow and steady retrieve that will cause it to dive slightly, leaving only the back of the lure exposed. Trolling at slow speed will get the lure down to around 30cm or so where the pronounced wobble will get the attention of any predator hanging out in the weeds or snags the lure passes.

This 3 lure pack includes 1 each of Purple Flash, Gold, Camo Blue.