Traveller's Lure Fishing Gift Pack
Traveller's Lure Fishing Gift Pack

Traveller's Lure Fishing Gift Pack

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The 'Traveller's' Lure Fishing Gift Pack is designed for fishing in salt and sweet water conditions, in the north and south, with a selection of lure fishing tackle that includes hard body lures, soft plastics, skirted lures and terminal tackle. So, whether chasing Trout, Flathead, Perch or Barra the range and capabilities of the lures, and rigging options, provided in this gift pack will enable any fisher to get amongst the action.

The hard body lure selection provides a capability suited to cast and retrieve lure fishing, as well as trolling, for a range of species from Bass to Barra. The selected Toppu Mizzu top water lures and smaller Finesse hard bodies enable fishing ‘close in’ around snaggy areas in rivers, while the larger ‘Naturals’ and ‘Flash Minnow’ lures suit trolling from a boat and cast and retrieve for larger species off the rocks.

The soft plastic lures includes sinking Vibes, paddle and curly tail lures, matched with a range of tungsten jig heads and terminal tackle. Also included, are jig spinners and beads, and a pack of Gel Scent to make these lures even more attractive to your target species.

And for the fisher who likes throwing metal lures around, there is a pack of Kaster chrome jigs and a skirted Chatterbait lure, for species ranging from Murray Cod to Barra.

When your favourite fisher is ready to hit the road, throw everything into the included tackle box, and you’re on the road to some great fishing.

Contains 88 items, gift wrapped, with a ribbon, and including –

  • Rig Ezy Single Sided Tackle Box, Qty 1
  • Swimerz Soft Shad 100mm Paddle Tail lure, Qty 6
  • Swimerz 100mm Vibro Tail scented soft plastic lures, Qty 5
  • Swimerz 75mm Vibro Tail scented soft plastic lures, Qty 8
  • Swimerz 95mm 20gm Soft Vibe, Qty 2
  • Captain Jack's Gel Scent, Qty 1
  • BSTC MK42 'Stumpy' Flatfish, Qty 1
  • Finesse Naturals 160mm Diving Minnow, Qty 1
  • Finesse Flash Minnow 150mm Diving Minnow, Qty 1
  • Finesse Madbass Diving Crankbait 85mm, Qty 1
  • Toppu Mizzu Popper 55mm, Surface lure, Qty 1
  • Toppu Mizzu Wakebait 40mm, Surface lure, Qty 1
  • Finesse Chrome Kaster Jig, 7 Grams, Qty 4
  • Dekoi Bladed Swim Jig, Chatterbait, Qty 2 pack
  • Assorted Tungsten Jig Heads, Qty 6
  • Assorted Beads, Qty 12
  • Swimerz Jig Spinner Small, Qty 5
  • Swimerz 1/4oz Bullet Sinker, Lead, Qty 15
  • Swimerz 1/0 Wide Gape Worm Hook, Qty 15


Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels.  Accessories featured in images are not included.Accessories featured in images are not included.