Swimerz make it easy, with their range of soft plastic lures and terminal tackle. Designed to perform when fishing timber snags, weed or rocky areas, or jigging around reefs. The Swimerz range of soft plastics include paddle and curly tails with split bellies for mounting hooks and scents, as well as soft vibes.

Swimerz Tungsten range includes Putty, Bullet and Barrel sinkers, Cheburashka 'Swinging' Jig Heads. Use some environmentally friendly fishing tackle that also give great performance advantages.

Make up your own specialist rig for reef jigging and add some bling to your lure fishing with some Jig or Duo Tail Spinners, Lumo Beads and Tubes, or select from our range of terminal tackle. If bait fishing is your thing, try using fish friendly circle hooks and low profile environmentally friendly tungsten jig heads and sinkers.

To see some of the species landed on Swimerz, see our Fishing Pics 'Out and About' Blog, accessible from our main menu.


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