The Reef Jigger Gift Pack
The Reef Jigger Gift Pack
The Reef Jigger Gift Pack
The Reef Jigger Gift Pack

The Reef Jigger Gift Pack

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Designed for the offshore fisher who loves vertical jigging metals around bits of reef, the Reef Jigger Gift Pack’s matched selection of Slow Pitch, Pencil, and Kubara Sliding Head jigs, includes all the rigging accessories needed to custom assemble their own jigging lures. Also a great option for shore jiggers who love casting jigs in various deep underwater locations near the shoreline and want to be responsive to fishing conditions with their rig setups.

The hits are usually strong and the fights nothing short of spectacular on this type of gear and there’s a bunch of species, that will love to have a go, from Tailer of the rocks, to snapper off the reef. And there’s a head sock to keep that offshore sun off as well.

Gift wrapped with a ribbon, this set of over 80 items includes -

  • BSTC Head Sock
  • Rig Ezy Line Keeper Board
  • Swimerz  Striker Trebles Size 4 12 pack
  • Swimerz 2/0 Heavy Duty Jigging Hooks 20 pack
  • Swimerz Twisted Kevlar 45kg 7.5 mtrs
  • Swimerz Assist Hook Sleeves Qty 15
  • Swimerz 8mm Solid Jigging Rings 20 pack
  • Swimerz 7mm Split Rings 25 Pack
  • Finesse Slow Pitch Flutter Jig 60gm 2 pack
  • Finesse Pencil Jig 40gm 2 pack


Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels.  Accessories featured in images are not included.