Smooth bore Texas Rig Sinkers
Swimerz 1/4 oz Lead Bullet Sinker - Qty 15 Pack

Swimerz 1/4 oz Lead Bullet Sinker - Qty 15 Pack

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Swimerz Bullet Sinkers (also known as Worm sinkers) provide anglers with a streamlined shape, smooth sides and an anti-snag design that makes these sinkers easy to use, enabling subtle presentations, and are ideal for working weedy cover easily.

Originally designed for Texas rigging soft plastics they can be used for fresh and salt water species such as Bass, Flathead, Barra and other species.

Rigging them is easy; just use the well known ‘dropper’ or ‘running style’ rig setup with the bullet sinker running freely between the hook and swivel. Rig your favourite soft plastic lure on the rig. Cast the lure across tide, and let the lure tumble back down-tide before slowly retrieving it. The addition of a bead between the hook and sinker will provide protection for the knot. This presentation holds the selected bait in a natural state, hiding the hook from sight, while keeping the hook in the perfect position for a solid hook set. This method can be highly effective when fishing a berley trail and can out-fish bait.

They also make an excellent choice when fishing offshore. Saltwater anglers who fish for pelagic species use these sinkers to fish the 'slide', the time when the boat shuts down power after a trolling jig strike to get the troll fish reeled in. Put the worm/bullet sinker backwards above the hook, with the tapered end facing the hook, and the flared end facing the angler and drop the bait during the slide to catch fish that follow the troll hooked fish towards the boat. The flared end of the sinker catches water and puts the bait back to the fish quicker.

Their principal advantage over using standard jig heads; where the line connects to the top of the weight on a standard jig head results in the increased probability of weed etc becoming caught in the apex of the lure and line, slowing down the action and inhibiting any potential fish bite. Bullet sinkers can also be used with a wide range of hook shapes, allowing you to tune your fishing technique to suit the target species.

Available in weights - 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 oz.