Swimerz Striker Trebles Size 2, 12 pack
Extra Strong, Black Nickel Coated

Swimerz Striker Trebles Size 2, 12 pack

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There’s a good reason why hard body lure makers usually fit treble hooks …… they’re effective at hooking fish. That’s a pretty strong argument. Most hard body lures are fitted with two sets of treble hooks, so there are six needle sharp points to find their mark. That means high conversion of strikes into hook sets.

Swimerz Striker Trebles suit being used as part of a finesse fishing rig, as a stinger, or as a replacement treble on a lure. The O'Shaunessy design makes these hooks easy for anyone to use.

Heavier gauge hooks are stronger and are more commonly used when lure fishing in Australia with the black nickel coating giving them reduced visibility in the water, and they're also a popular choice for fishing with low-stretch braid or heavy fluorocarbon.

The right treble for the job

There is no one-size-fits-all treble hook, nor does one particular hook belong on a particular hard lure for all fishing scenarios. Like matching hooks to favourite soft plastics, choosing the right treble for the job at hand can put more fish in the boat. Things to consider when choosing hooks -

Lure size - Nothing is more frustrating than casting a topwater lure into a scrum of schooling fish, only to have the treble hooks tangle each other or the line, ruining the cast. Match hook size to lure size carefully so the hooks won't catch on each other. If the front hook is catching on the line, consider downsizing one size. Depending on cover and a lure's front or middle hook placement, sometimes an upsized tail hook can be added without altering the action.

The short answer to the question of choosing treble hook size is, "the biggest hooks I can get away with without killing the action."

Often that's a size or two larger than the hooks packaged with the lure. That said, sometimes hook size can be used to dial in an "in-between" action or a particular action for the conditions. Similarly, a popper rigged with upsized hooks might float a little "lower" in the water, resulting in more water resistance when it's twitched. And big heavy trebles can deaden the action of a crankbait, which might be good or bad depending on the situation.