Black Nickel coated for rust resistance
Swimerz 4/0 Wide Gape Worm Hook 15 Pack

Swimerz 4/0 Wide Gape Worm Hook 15 Pack

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Worm hooks can be used in a number of different rigs, depending upon the fish being targeted and the environmental influences. Long & short running rigs, and weedless rigs are three. Worm hooks perform particularly well when rigged properly and used in vegetated waters where snagging is a potential problem. The wide gape of the hook aids in connecting with larger mouthed fish such as Flathead, Kingies and Barra.

They are available in sizes – 0/6, 0/4, 0/2, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0

Weedless: Put your sinker of choice, (Worm, egg/bean, barrel types etc) onto the line you are using, then attach the hook. In doing so, consider adding a bead between the sinker and hook to act as a buffer on your knot. Attach the hook. Thread the hook point into the soft plastic lures head, exiting under the body. Slide the lure up the hook shank so it just covers the hook eye. Rotate the hook until it faces upward toward the lure body, align the hook to the body, and then pin the hook into the body. It becomes a matter of personal choice as to whether the hook point remains just below the surface of the lure or protrudes and sits aligned along the back of the lure. The lure should lie flat as distortions to its shape if set incorrectly will affect it’s swimming action.

Long Rigs: Long rigs vary little from a standard bait fishing running rig, the worm hook the only real difference. This rig can be useful when fishing flats and if there are a lot of weed beds. Use a slow retrieve and the weight will bounce through the weeds while the lure floats above the weeds where it is visible. On a sandy bottom, use naturally sinking types of plastics so they kick up a bit of sand as they are retrieved along the bottom.
Bullet weights are an advantage when used with Worm Hooks as they will tend to ‘spear’ through weeds. Place above the swivel, trying to keep the leader around 1 meter in length (particularly in more obstructed areas) and join the Worm Hook.

Short Rigs: Even simpler than the Long Rig, it consists simply of a weight running down to a hook. The main advantage of this rig is it provides excellent "feel" as to what's happening to the bait & it also casts well. This rig, if used with a worm hook rigged in the lure with point not protruding is extremely snag proof as well as weedless and can be cast into heavy structure and snags, and will not often snag up. The short rig is very effective with any type of plastic bait & can be used under virtually any conditions. Use around 1.5 meters of leader below the swivel, and a free running weight on the leader. This rig can be used with any type of retrieve & is effective with everything from a simple slow winding retrieve to jigging & hopping type actions. Using a Worm or Bullet type sinker will add to the performance and weed resistance of this rig.