Floating Deep Diving Lure
Finesse 'Madbass' Herringbone, 85mm Deep Diving Crankbait

Finesse 'Madbass' Herringbone, 85mm Deep Diving Crankbait

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The Finesse Madbass range of lures draw on proven design for their fish catching characteristics and have proven awesome against a range of species that love hard body lures. These floating Deep Diving Lures are one of the most versatile lures and one of the most valuable assets you can add to your tackle box.

What really makes the Madbass range great is the combination of diving bib angle and size, tow point configuration, body shape and the two laterally aligned ball bearings rattles that give them their feature tight wobble and great noise characteristics. The Madbass’ longer and wider bib increases the surface area so it catches the oncoming water more and creates greater downward force, also encouraging the lure to roll, giving a stronger wobble. The weight in the belly, gained from the addition of lower profile tungsten ball bearings, keeps it upright and maximizes the downward force on the lure created by that long diving bib. The tungsten ball bearings also give the added benefit of an increased noise profile.

Madbass work well when fishing off shore structures like rock piles, creek channels, and ledges, boats, kayaks or other platforms. They perform equally well when slow trolled, getting down to 3-5 metres easily where Madbass will dig into the bottom and cause a disturbance that often results in a strike. Check out our Fishy Pics for the Madbass in Action, showing a number of species that have fallen prey to this well designed lure, and the great colour range available.

Image; Dusky Flathead

Madbass body length - 85mm

Trebles (2) - size #6, black nickel coated.

Split Rings - 4mm

Approx Weight - 7.0 grams