Shallow Diving Hard Body Lure

Finesse MK61-48 Camo Blue 65mm

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The magic of the MK61's comes when fishermen hang them for tempting seconds off the noses of otherwise disinterested predators.

These lures can get into tight corners where species like Bream and Bass are holding, and producing a slow shallow wobble during the retrieve. This ability to stay in a fish’s strike zone longer, when you are luring for fish that have a narrow feeding zone and are hesitant to move very far up or down to take a lure, is where the value of these lures is realised. These lures will stay right where you put them: in the fishes face. It's like if you went into a restaurant and weren't really hungry, but the waitress brought a chocolate-covered strawberry and just set it down in front of you. The longer you looked at it, the more you'd be tempted to pick it up and eat it.

These lures perform when sportfish are relatively high in the water column and not especially hungry. Warm-water predators might race forward several yards, even farther in clear saltwater, to smack a lure. In winter, there are days when the strike zone is reduced to inches. Hence their growing popularity through the cool-water months when predators have retreated from colder surface temperatures, and their metabolic rates have slowed.