Artizan Molded Lure Eyes, 3.5, 5, 6.5mmD, Silver/Black, Qty 150

Artizan Molded Lure Eyes, 3.5, 5, 6.5mmD, Silver/Black, Qty 150

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Bring your lures to life with Artizan lure eyes. 3D Fishing Lure Eyes have greater depth, and suit a range of lure types.

Eyes contribute to the lifelike illusion of a lure, and can therefore play a critical part in triggering strike responses. Particularly useful on slow moving lures, when you get that lure down in the zone and stop it dead, fish can get a good look at it, and target the top end of a lure where the head is.

When one fish eats another fish they do so from the head, as the dorsal fins will lay down and allow the prey to be swallowed. Eyes, or at least the distinction of a head, is therefore very important to getting a strike, as this indicates where the top of the bait is, and predators will strike it first most of the time.

Available in sizes from 3.5 to 14mm.

Usage Tips:

While 3D eyes have a glue on them that suits their use for flat smooth surfaces like jigging metals. Using a touch of super glue for hard contoured surfaces such as lead jig heads, spinnerbait heads, and hard body lures will improve their surface adhesion.

The addition of a clear top coat after applying the lure eyes to your lure will add additional depth and highlights to the finish.

If using for other applications, such as soft materials, we recommend using a hot melt glue.