Captain Jack's Gel Scent - Lumo Blue Green, 15 gm Tin

Captain Jack's Gel Scent - Lumo Blue Green, 15 gm Tin

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Captain Jack’s fish attracting scents are a premium fish attractant that applies cleanly to any type of lure, whether it is made of plastic, rubber or metal. It slowly releases upon immersion in water, leaving a trail of particles that look like the scales of small fish in distress, encouraging fish to feed. Made from natural ingredients, sourced in Australia, it is not only safe to the environment, but will not damage the finish of your expensive lures either.

Gel scent’s core ingredients act on the gustatory and olfactory senses of fish. It contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, scientifically proven to be attractive to fish, including purified RNA, nucleotides, oligosaccharides and peptidoglycans that motivate fish to feed.

It will soften at higher temperatures. This may occur if left in a vehicle, for instance. If this occurs, simply place the container into cool water. Even if applied to a lure in liquid form, it will harden on contact with water and do the job it’s supposed to do.

The level of glow you will receive is subject to a couple of factors; 1.The initial level of light absorption and 2. The thickness of the material deposited onto the lure.

Hints and Technique –

  1. Apply lightly to a surface and exposed to daylight or other appropriate light source for a period of time (it depends on the intensity level of the light) to achieve a level of charge in the lumo ingredients. Light source should be applied immediately before use if using at night.
  2. Periods of 5-15 minutes of glow can be achieved by applying thicker coatings. For instance, a ‘smear’, thinly applied layer may give 5 minutes glow, whereas a 1/2mm solid layer may give around 15 minutes. (refer 1)
  3. As a serving suggestion, a couple of application methods to consider are, to place a thick layer over the head area of the selected soft or hard body lure, as a thick spot on the side of the lure body as attractors, or lightly smeared over the full lure body.
  4. Residual material left on lures can be light recharged at a later time, in most cases.
  5. We recommend stirring Captain Jacks prior to use. This will ensure the solid materials contained in all CJ’s scents are evenly distributed through the paste.