Swimerz Jig Spinner, Medium, Hammered Brass, 5 Pack
Swimerz Jig Spinner, Medium, Hammered Brass, 5 Pack
Swimerz Jig Spinner, Medium, Hammered Brass, 5 Pack

Swimerz Jig Spinner, Medium, Hammered Brass, 5 Pack

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Also known as buzz spinners, use these versatile ‘clip on spinning blades’ when targeting active fish around weed beds, especially if the weed is patchy. Keep your rod tip high and commence the retrieve immediately when the lure touches the water.

Made in the USA, Swimerz Jig Spinners are made from quality stainless spring steel material and so, will not readily lose their shape.

The 3 sizes of Jig Spinners are available in two finishes -

  • beaten brass to give a 'gold' finish, and
  • beaten white nickel coated brass to give a 'silver' finish.

The advantage of the beaten finish over a smooth finish in the colorado blades is -

  • the beaten finish reflects light in more directions simultaneously and
  • provides a more intense flash for the area of the blade than a smooth finish.

The materials used in our jig spinners results in a highly corrosion resistant product.

Jig Spinners can work out to be a very cheap option -

Simply mix and match them with your existing jig heads and soft plastic lures, to assemble the ultimate set-up for your fishing needs, and enjoy the added advantage that the snap clip on the bent wire frame of a jig spinner allows quick and easy interchanging between different weights of jig heads without retying.

Jig spinners are also commonly used in combination with Cheburashka ‘Clip On’ jig heads and your favourite hook, whether this be a standard straight shank, offset shank, or a wide gape hook.

Another approach is to attach Jig Spinners to hard bodied lures such as diving minnows and metal vibes as an added attraction.

Spinner bait or Jig Spinner?

The big difference between spinner bait and the jig spinner is pretty easy to see - the spinner bait can be described as a ‘rigid arm’ whilst the jig spinner can be termed as either ‘articulated’ or ‘hinged’. This flexibility gives added action and assists in getting around snags.

See image for some of the rigging options for Jig Spinners.

Dimensions are available in the individual item listings