Swimerz Octopus Skirts 100mm Lemon Lime, 5 pack

Swimerz Octopus Skirts 100mm Lemon Lime, 5 pack

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Swimerz 100mm long Octopus Skirts come in a range of colours to suit different species and applications. You can troll them, use on dropper rigs or conventional bait rigs, jigging rigs and more. They are soft and supple, yet strong and tear resistant. They won’t tangle up, and will pulse and trap air when trolled through the water giving them an excellent action. They’re also easy to work with when fitting.

Suitable for a variety of fishing applications

  • Soft and supple
  • Strong and tear resistant
  • Excellent action in the water
  • Size: 100mm long

Rigging Tip - Use in conjunction with Swimerz tungsten and lead Bullet Sinkers, and jigging hooks. Simply insert the chosen size into the head of the Ocky skirt and insert the leader straight through to the hook, or to a ring with assist hook rig attached.