Toppu Mizzu Walking Dog, 85mm, Spotted Minnow

Toppu Mizzu Walking Dog, 85mm, Spotted Minnow

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The Finesse Toppu Mizzu 'Walking Dog' lures draw on traditionally successful designs for their fish catching characteristics, and will have any Fisher “walking the dog” like a pro in no time.

Walking the dog is one of the best ways to entice fish to commit to a top water strike, and has to be one of the most fun means in which to fish for Bass, Whiting and a number of other species that take surface lures.

At 85mm long, the Finesse Toppu Mizzu Walking Dog surface lures feature a tail weighted design that utilises tungsten ball bearings, with a body weight of 9.5 grams and size #4 trebles.

This lure isn't something you can you just toss and retrieve.  The angler has a large part to play in the action that appears out there in front of the fish.  Whether fished super slow or more quickly, the luring technique known as ‘walking the dog’ refers to a retrieve technique that generates a gliding, side to side, zigzag action.  This is achieved with small rod tip movements.  After casting the lure out and letting it settle, impart some slack in the line between the lure and the rod tip and then twitch the rod tip. This will start the lure travelling forward. Then drop the rod tip back to the lure to give some slack in the line again and the lure will now start to turn sideways and glide out and off to the side.

The walk the dog technique causes maximum movement and disturbance on the water’s surface without the need to move the lure as much as for other techniques. In this way the lure can be kept in the strike zone for longer, but still calls fish in from afar.  Because the lure moves sideways and then back again, rather than forwards, when a fish is attracted the lure is still there when it arrives.

If there is either some current flow or even a steady breeze, set yourself a in position so that you retrieve the lure into the current and into/across the target zone.