Artizan Braided Kevlar, Black 110kg, 5 mtrs

Artizan Braided Kevlar, Black 110kg, 5 mtrs

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Use Artizan Braided Kevlar line when building your own Assist Hooks or other fishing rigs.

Every angler has his or her own ideas about tackle, and there are aspects of some commercially-made assist hooks that may not suit everybody. Positioning of the hook along the length of the jig is one such example.

Made of 100% Dupont Kevlar fibre, a high strength material that has a high degree of abrasion resistance with low-stretch characteristics, and a high level of UV resistance. Artizan Braided Kevlar Rigging Line has a hollow core, so you can create a loop with a splicing needle or simply knot the line to a split ring, with a fusion point of approximately 450 degrees C.

Artisan Kevlar line comes in 5 meter lengths. Black, 1.1mm diameter and 110kg breaking strain